"I followed the step by step business plan and it was very successful for me."

The Art is 4 Every 1 method developed over the 25 years of teaching that began when I took on the challenge of teaching acrylic painting at a long term care facility. Since that time, my unique, customized and adaptable method has been taught successfully to students ages 8 to 102 of all abilities and disabilities.

Take a minute to view some amazing paintings done using my method by a diverse group of student artists.

Student artists from all walks of life benefit from learning to paint with my method. Listen to what some of them have to say about their experience with an Art is 4 Every1 class.

Whether you desire simply to teach art or whether you are inspired to work with mentally or physically challenged groups, either way you will find this training opens up a whole new career path for you with endless possibilities.

This type of art program is sought after by many types of organizations who contact me daily looking for instructors. The demand and need continues to increase for value added art programs that offer engaging interaction and activity. Art is 4 Every1 art classes fill that need and more!

Make plans today to make your passion your job and your job your passion!

- Elaine Griffith

Course Description

During the three day comprehensive certified instructor training you will learn how to:

  • customize this innovative painting method to the age, ability and experience of your student;
  • create a positive, uplifting and therapeutic learning atmosphere for all students;
  • teach in a group setting while also providing enriching 1:1 instruction;
  • receive real life teaching experience right in the classroom;
  • solidify your use of the primary colors and color wheel to create any color in the world and bring harmony to a painting;
  • work from a small number of colors to generate all others reducing your supply costs;
  • manage your students, supplies, and sales with ease;
  • market yourself effectively to organizations and facilities in need of art classes;
  • advertise, promote and share your classes to create a steady flow of eager students;
  • build an art instruction business on your terms with a proven support system behind you.
  • join our Certified Instructor Facebook Mastermind Group to share and learn from other instructors;
  • join our Instructor Area for ongoing trainings and support materials.

Listen to Dolores Cowden, an instructor from our very first instructor course, as she shares her experience with the Art is 4 Every1 Certified Instructor program.